Tips on Preparing Your Yard for the Winter

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Tips on Preparing Your Yard for the Winter

As the cool fronts begin to roll in, preparing your yard for freezing temperatures should be your primary focus since this is what is affected instantly. Yards are easily forgotten since a lot of landscape tends to die off in the winter. However this is exactly the reason you should be concerned.

Being proactive and preparing your yard for the winter season is crucial so that when spring rolls around you are one step ahead of the game.

Here are a few tips for preparing your yard for the winter months:

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves can be a headache to anyone who maintains their own yard. The thought of having to bag up all the leaves in the fall gives me a headache just thinking about it. Have you ever thought about recycling those leaves and using them as mulch? Well leaves can serve as a blanket throughout your garden when the temperatures begin to drop. Remember to shred the leaves down to a smaller size using your lawn mower. You are now ready to start mulching your garden for free!

Lawn Fertilization

Get ahead of next year by preparing your lawn for next year. Determine the type of grass you are growing in your yard. Then research the types of fertilization for your type of grass. Talking to the workers at your local home improvement store will usually be your best bet since other people in that area generally have the same grass growing in their yard. Once you obtain the right fertilizer, don’t forget to purchase a rotary spreader to spread the fertilizer across your yard. This will make spreading an easier task and will ensure an even spread across your lawn.

Plant Removal

This is a good time to examine each plant in your yard. Check for disease problems or insect issues that may have been ruining your plants. This can be easily spread to the other plants in the vicinity. Remove these plants accordingly and throw away without recycling. Do not add them to your mulch pile.

Lawn Equipment

The winter season is the perfect time to review all the tools in your shed. Inspect every tool you own for rust or breaks since wear and tear is probable over the years. Sharpen tools that have dull edges. Replace tools that are out of commission and throw away anything tool that can’t be salvaged. This is also a great time to reorganize your tools so they are ready and prepped for the following year.

Following these tips will help your lawn make it through the bitter coldness of the winter season, as well as prepare you for the next year.


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