10 of the Most Reliable Cell Phone Service Providers in Georgia

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10 of the Most Reliable Cell Phone Service Providers in Georgia

Cell phones are an integral part of life in America today. It’s not just about staying in contact with one another anymore. Nowadays, mobile connectivity is how people conduct business, keep an eye on home, monitor the kids and it’s a major safety net for many families. It’s imperative that your cell phone company delivers reliable service when so much is riding on your ability to be reachable at all tiems. No company as yet has been able to offer perfect service all the time. By the very nature of current technology, there are bound to be some glitches here and there with most companies, however, choosing a reliable cell phone service provider in Georgia is made a little easier when you peruse the list below.

  1. MetroPCS – Love having a cell phone but hate contracts? Well, you may pay more for a cell phone, but with MetroPCS you will get top service without the contract. In fact, you can take your current phone and get it activated through MetroPCS saving you considerable sums of money. You can get unlimited talk, texting and even Web browsing for one low monthly price. If you need to buy a phone, they have a great selection and you may be able to get one on sale during promotional periods.
  2. SouthernLINC – Concerns about reliability are squashed with SouthernLINC’s security features. Their wireless system has built in redundancies and power back-ups such that even severe weather conditions seldom affect service. You can bundle service options including cellular service, wireless access to the Internet, text and picture messaging and Push To Talk (PTT) two-way radio together in one mobile device. They offer billing and payment options so that you get to choose how to manage your account. SouthernLINC has a lot to offer and as a subsidiary of Southern Company, they are backed by years of service to the region.
  3. Virgin Mobile – Offering affordable service and unlimited data, Web browsing, messaging and email on all plans, Virgin Mobile makes a smart choice for people who don’t like contracts. When you compare Virgin Mobile to some of the other plans available, you will find that Virgin Mobile has the best price on services. You have 4G speed available, access to the top phones on the market and switching is hassle-free. Check out their promo offers for even greater savings.
  4. Verizon Wireless – Chances are you will be able to hear your party just fine on a Verizon plan. For those who don’t mind contracts and love plenty of variety, Verizon Wireless offers you just about anything you can imagine in terms of cell phone service. Their reliability is among the best of the companies out there, and they offer quality service. They also have prepaid plans for those who would rather not get locked in a contract.
  5. U.S. Cellular – You’ll be able to have an unlimited calling plan with U.S. Cellular, and most incoming calls are free from any phone number at any time depending on the plan you choose. They offer affordable plans and have special offers on phones from time to time. If you need to make a lot of overseas calls or you travel a lot, this may not be the phone service for you, though.
  6. Cricket Wireless – A relatively new player on the block, Cricket has been developing their brand for the past decade. They offer reliable, affordable cell phone plans and you won’t be locked into any contracts. As a consumer, you can expect great service and top of the line devices. Cricket will strive to meet your cell phone needs whatever they may be.
  7. Sprint – One of the top companies in the cell phone business, Sprint has much to offer the average consumer. You can get unlimited data from Sprint on certain plans, and they have many offers on the hottest new phones. For the best deals, you will most likely end up with a contract, but for some people what you get in return may be worth signing up.
  8. T-Mobile – Also rated one of the best mobile phone providers, T-Mobile has a great selection of phones and their family and individual plans are very reasonable. If you are a data hound, T-Mobile may be your company since they do offer unlimited data plans. They also have unlimited night and weekend minutes for those that still use their phones to talk more than to text or email.
  9. Boost Mobile – Powered by Sprint, Boost Mobile offers no contracts, only savings and service for you. You can get shrinking payments for monthly on time payments, and there are international calling options also. Check out their special offers on the newest phones.
  10. AT&T – This is one of the largest cell phone companies in the country and one of the most established as well. AT&T offers a variety of options and, like many of the other heavy hitters in the cell phone business, the best deals will come though the contract. You will have plenty of choices though, whether it’s a service plan or phone, AT&T will help you choose that which fits you best.



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