Should You Buy a Home With No Money Down?

After the housing collapse and subsequent recession, lenders have started changing the ways that

By admin on November 11 2013
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Where to Get a Free Meal on Your Birthday in Dallas

There is one moment of every year when you're allowed to kick back and enjoy a very special day;

By admin on October 3 2013
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Upgrading Your Home to Sell

Summer is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing; moving season!

By admin on April 22 2013
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How to Utilize Solar Power in Your Home

With the leaps and bounds in technology, renewable sources of power are becoming increasingly pop

By admin on December 11 2013
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tv in a well lit room

Getting the “right TV” requires doing a bit of homework before you get wowed by the first big TV you see in the store.

By admin on January 28 2013
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10 Great Places to Escape the Heat in Phoenix

When school's out and the kids are at home all day, the last thing you want is for them to spend

By admin on July 29 2013
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